October brings high tides and bird migration

There seem to have been more geese arriving over Southwold this year than I can ever remember- huge skeins of sometimes 300 or more, in close formation. The boating lake seems to attract rather smaller clientele. Plenty of sun left in Southwold in October, although it may be low in the morning Every year in[…]

A new cafe location in Southwold

If you are coming to stay at Mandalay on the beach in Southwold, there is another new attraction to enjoy in the town. Following a month’s concerted effort, the new Putting Green café has finally been officially opened, opposite Southwold Pier. Named the Café on the Green, it has been created in the Art Deco[…]

Mandalay Ted goes on holiday

For years, Mandalay Ted has sat quietly in his lifebelt in the front bedroom, waiting for children to return year after year, but suddenly, this year in, in April, he has disappeared for an unplanned holiday to York, where he will be spending a couple of weeks. Luckily, his cousin, Temporary Ted from Birmingham was[…]