WiFi now installed at Mandalay

After much thought and discussion with guests who use Mandalay, we have finally installed WiFi. The arguments for and against were evenly matched – some said they relished the opportunity to be uncontactable on holiday, whilst others reckoned they would be better able to run their businesses while still enjoying a holiday. Overall, we think[…]

WiFi or no WiFi

Ever since we have owned Mandalay, which is now 14 years, we have resisted the temptation to re-instate a telephone in the cottage, primarily because we felt that many people relished the prospect of being uncontactable during their precious holiday time. As years went by, mobile phones meant that the need for a telephone line[…]

Bedroom refurb

If you have stayed in the past at Mandalay, you will know that the bedroom nearest the sea has always been a cosy place to stay, and the sound of the waves can lull you to sleep, or gently rouse you in the mornings. We felt that the fabric needed some tidying up, and so[…]

Winter peace

We have a regular visitor who comes late in the season every year, a University Professor, who spends a week in Mandalay on project work. He plonks two laptops on a table in front of the French doors looking out to sea, and spends the week in splendid isolation (he relishes the fact that he[…]