December in #Southwold

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December in #Southwold has been a mixture of winter high winds, calm seas, and freezing and very mild weather. Take your pick, but that’s what makes winter interesting in Suffolk; there’s no guessing really what is coming next.
The month started with a Christmas Fayre at the “Cathedral of the Marshes”, Blythburgh Church, where next year our son will be getting married, so a chance to have a look around and get a feel for this magnificent building.
Back home, it was Clematis Cirrhosa that has burst into bloom. The plant label has long since departed, but it may well be the variety Jingle Bells, in which case, it is brilliantly appropriate, being in flower on Christmas Day. How many outdoor plants can you say that about?
Down at the Harbour, the appropriately named small black and white birds, Turnstones, were investigating the shingle in front of the Alfred Cory Museum for whatever interesting they can find there.
Back on the beach, the scouring “Nor-East Swipe” tide has removed a huge chunk of the beach below the Gun Hill beach huts, leaving a sandy cliff as high as 5 Feet in places, and revealing long buried groynes. In time it will flatten out, and last year, sand covered the promenade, so maybe it’s for the best.
The final photograph in the slide show, is of a December dawn over #Southwold Pier.
It’s a stunning picture, which sadly can only be attributed to “Mathew”, but what a photograph.
Happy New Year……