Good news for Southwold boating lakes

Those of us who have known and loved Southwold boating lakes behind the pier, will be pleased to hear that at long last, the new owners have been given permission to top up the water levels with sea water.

This was something that had been prohibited, as it was said that only fresh water should be added. Thank goodness for common sense, allegedly, and amazingly from English Nature.

Southwold boating lake to have water levels topped up

Common sense prevails, at last – Southwold boating lake to have water levels topped up. Photo source: (Mike Baker)

In years gone by, it was not an unfamiliar sight to see water being pumped by hosepipe across the car park from the sea to top the lakes up, so which fathead suddenly thought it wasn’t OK? Surely, anything is better than large areas of dried mud, with a paddle-boat marooned there for two years.