How about a nice gentle trip along the river Blyth from Blythburgh to Southwold?

The Coastal Voyager jetty in Southwold harbour is just a short stroll away from Mandalay, and on offer is a choice of hammering through the waves out at sea at top speed, or a more gentle cruise up the River Blyth to Blythburgh, tides permitting.

The latter is the trip that we took, courtesy of some gift tickets from our daughter, and it offers a fascinating circuitous journey through the estuary, past islands of nesting seabirds and waders, with the possibility of catching a seal basking on the mud, and all the time, offering very different views of Southwold, Walberswick and Blythburgh.

There is time for a pleasant meal at the White Hart, Blythburgh, which completes the first half of the trip, and there is an opportunity to open up the two huge engines on the way back, to give an idea of what the sea experience would be like…

Well worth the trip, and even on the slightly showery day that we had, you should remain dry, thanks to the full protective clothing supplied.

The accompanying video details this return trip from Blythburgh to Southwold.

Definitely an experience to be sampled – take a look at the video, and my apologies for the camera wind noise half way through, when the engines were opened up!