Long time, no blog

For no very good reason at all, I havent put a blog up here for quite a while.

Not because nothing has happened, I just never quite got round to it.

And then I forgot the login name and password….

Back to action now then, and a quick update at things at Mandalay since the last blog.

Nothing too radical has happened, with general maintenance and tidying up where necessary. The front bedroom is now white instead of yellow, which makes it a bit lighter, and there is now a fisherman’s lamp overhead.




Out the front, the bin store now has a sedum roof  which seems to be growing well






A friend has constructed for us a rugged bench by the front entrance, which is a nice place to sit with a gin and tonic, watching the sun set in the evening. Or any time, really.






and the bunnies still lurk in burrows all around..





and finally, in October, we enjoy the appearance of parasol fungi nearby in a glade of dying ragwort

whilst overhead, the barnacle geese perform a huge honking flypast, circling right over the top of Mandalay in their hundreds   (you may need to click on the link below to see the video)