Mandalay for 2017

Well, January is out the way, and after weeks of work, we have carried out quite a lot of jobs in Mandalay.

The bathroom has been completely re-furbished, although you might, at first glance not notice it; some of the walls have been replaced, there is a brand new bath, new tiling, and much re-siting of ancillaries. It should all be a lot neater and more comfortable.


The weather has been relatively kind, apart from one very cold spell with daily temperatures outside of 2-3 degrees. which made for some numb fingers putting up the new decking lights, and much cursing when the securing nuts dropped between the slats of the deck,  but a week later, we were basking in 16 degree sunshine.

This enabled some re-painting of the blue cladding on the seaward side, and on the other  side new black paint on the picket fence, some of which I’m ashamed to say, was still the original BBC paint from the filming of Holby City back in 2001.


Much of the white cladding  in the yellow bedroom has been re-painted, and the blue skirting boards have seen a new lick of paint.

The rather annoying double electrical sockets over one of the beds has been moved to between the two beds, and in a nod to the needs of those with iPads and mobile phones etc, we have installed mains sockets with  two integral USB charging points in each bedroom, and there are two more such sockets in the sitting-room, so, provided you remember to bring your charging leads, with 8 USB socket charging points, there’s no excuse for flat batteries….

The central heating system has been over-hauled to help  keep it reliable and trouble-free.


Lets hope that we have a cracking summer ahead of us, and that we can all enjoy Mandalay even more, as we approach 20 years of ownership.