Mandalay is for sale

No, not the one on Southwold beach, so don’t get too excited, but its namesake, as owned and built for David Bowie on Mustique.

Here’s an extract from the Telegraph last Saturday:

David Bowie’s Mustique holiday home

By Christopher Middleton

If ever a house came with GAT – that’s Glamour Added Tax – it would have to be Mandalay, the fantasy, Balinese-style home built for rock star David Bowie on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

For despite being only 26 years old, this $20 million mansion comes with not just one, but two celebrated past owners. That’s because the person to whom Bowie sold it (for $5 million) was millionaire publisher Felix Dennis, who died last year, but who possessed a past that was every bit as colourful as Bowie’s.
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