February 25, 2012

Mandalay in the media

Mandalay’s striking and unusual colour means it has attracted a lot of press and media attention over the years

– as a location for film and photographic shoots, as well as a subject for local and visiting artists and photographers.

Below are some of the more recent examples

Mandalay in Sunday Telegraph fashion shoot - 1st Jan 2012

Mandalay and Southwold harbour provided the backdrop for a 2012 Sunday Telegraph fashion shoot / Rugged Beauty: Weekend Dressing.

In Unnatural Causes, a TV episode of Inspector Dalgleish, Mandalay featured in a shot of drying clothing thrashing about on the washing line, prior to a storm.

BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are

In 2008, actor David Suchard’s ancestors included a member of the crew of the Alfred Cory, the restored lifeboat residing in the old lifeboat house 100 yards from Mandalay, and during the programme, the cottage can clearly be seen in ranging shots

Mandalay Barclays

Barclays Bank: In 2004 Barclays used Mandalay in a photo shoot ostensibly for a brochure for Small Businesses (the colour is almost identical to Barclays “house” colour) , but it turned up in many brochures, and a give-away folder.

Mandalay in BBC's Holby City

Mandalay and its purpose-built replica featured in the the 2001 New Year’s Eve special of Holby City – in which one of the leading characters chooses to end his days! The BBC built a replica of Mandalay nearer the sea for greater effect – click the Holby logo to see the photographs.