New Southwold webcam

Southwold webcam view of the lighthouse

View of Ferry Road from Southwold webcam

The unusual aspect of this webcam is that there are multiple views, and it is possible to “get control” of the camera and switch to different views.

Once you have the picture on your screen, move the cursor up towards the right hand corner of the picture, and a drop-down men will appear. Select “Get control” and at the bottom of the picture it will tell you how roughly how long you will hae to wait.

When it’s your turn, another drop-down menu will appear top right, asking you to select a location. of which there are many.

Click on the one you want, and watch in what appears to be realtime motion.

It’s a bit jerky of course, but certainly worth a look. By the way, the “Zoom to Fit” and “Actual Size” controls don’t seem to work.

Not so much a new webcam, as a replacement for the existing ones located on the top of the smaller of the two water towers on Southwold Common.