November antics at #Southwold

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Half term is over and the town returns to normal.
If Southwold can ever be described as normal, that is.

Sitting in Coasters restaurant on Thursday morning having a coffee, and Mr Turner ambles past – well not really Mr Turner, but Timothy Spall, who is here to talk at Ways with Words, the Literary Festival which runs over the next week or so

An earlier stroll along the promenade in brisk, but gloriously sunny conditions, revealed the resting place for deceased pumpkins after Halloween. Either that, or something more sinister.

Mandalay shows evidence of a major war talking place on the toy box – 50 years ago, I was doing exactly the same, which may or may not prove something. Good to see the toys getting a good airing.

My thanks to Chris McM, our Mandalay guest this week, for the evocative picture of the lighthouse reflected in the shallow waters of a very low tide at dusk. Great.

Finally, a snippet from the Lowestoft Journal, which seems to have got a bit carried away with John Adnams 90th birthday party celebrations. More grovelling required here, perhaps….