Open for business again

The observant amongst you may have noticed that there were no Mandalay blogs in January, for the very good reason that we were very busy (in between appalling weather) with maintenance.

For those of you who wanted to book a weekend in January, we are very sorry, But I am sure you will understand that it is the only time of year we can do major works.

New shiplap on Mandalay

It is 13 years since that side of Mandalay was built, and sun wind and rain had taken a toll over the years, such that it was to replace most of the cladding on the side nearest the road and some of the roof woodwork. Thank goodness there was no snow, but even so, there were numerous breaks to warm up cold fingers, and defrost with coffee and hot chocolate. Many thanks to friend and handyman, Jonathan.

We hope that you agree that the results were worth the pain.

Mandalay holiday cottage, after some winter maintenance