Olympic torch on the Reydon webcam

Tomorrow is the day that the whole shooting match arrives in Southwold on Thursday 5th July 2012.

If you want to watch it live on the Reydon webcam, you should be able to see it twice on Reydon Corner, first at about 11.15ish – when it arrives, on its way to Southwold, and then again, on the way back (Southwold is a dead end) when it comes past our house, at about 12-12.30 on the way to Saxmundham, and then Ipswich.

Webcam link: http://reydoncorner.camstreams.com/

Are we excited? well, yes and no. It’s all a lot of hype, and expense, but there again, it’s not going to happen again in our lifetime….