Southwold Beach Huts

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Barely a week goes past in the national newspapers without a mention of the beach huts in Southwold.


Mainly because it seems difficult to believe that a 2 metre square shed with curtains can cost as much as £150,000.

Trying to justify the cost though, is missing the point. What you are getting is a view of the beach and sea, and a place in the heart of the atmosphere of Southwold and the beach, with the lighthouse nestling in the town behind.

Passers-by on the promenade, strolling to and from Southwold Pier, have heads swivelled reading the names of the huts; Catnap, Mr Blue Sky, Chill Out, Spun Yarns, Lazy Days and they go on and on, with every hut decked out in its own colours

Even in the winter, the huts have a magical quality, and if you are prepared to use a little propane heater, what a place to enjoy the Sunday newspapers!

Just watch out for winter storms – they can be very unforgiving…..