View of Mandalay with a difference

Now and again, I come across a photo of Mandalay online which I think is worthy of inclusion on a blog.
This is a photo of an American WW2 Mustang fighter, of a type that would have accompanied American bombers on their daylight raids in the latter part of the war. Prior to their inclusion as escort fighters, the bombers suffered terrible losses over Germany, but the extended range of the North American P51 Mustang gave them the ability to stay with the bombers all the way and beat off attacking German fighters.
It’s fitting therefore that it should fly again over Mandalay, as it did nearly 80 years ago, when the skies would have been filled with them going out on missions from Suffolk’s many USAF bases.
(Just to be clear, Mandalay is the blue cottage to the left of the left tail plane)