WiFi or no WiFi

Wifi:  should we install it at Mandalay?

Wifi: should we install it at Mandalay?

Ever since we have owned Mandalay, which is now 14 years, we have resisted the temptation to re-instate a telephone in the cottage, primarily because we felt that many people relished the prospect of being uncontactable during their precious holiday time.

As years went by, mobile phones meant that the need for a telephone line appeared to be less, but now, the demand for some sort of connection to the internet seems to be increasing, and for some months, we have been undecided which way to go.

If you have a smartphone, then you already can pick up emails and do some limited browsing without too much problem.

If however, you are one of those people who can work at home via a computer link, then fast and easy connection is essential. Equally, you might enjoy browsing on a laptop whilst watching TV in the evenings. For younger people, the need to download pictures, films, music or play games is increasingly a must, as is the need to swap information with friends via Facebook, Twitter etc.

We want to know therefore; if you are planning to spend a week in a seaside holiday cottage, what would you use WiFi for and how much? Would it be to watch programmes, for the children to play games, or what?

What we are trying to get a feel for is the amount of download time we might need to cater for, if we do decide to go that way.  If you still feel that there should be no form of communication with the outside world, then let us know that too.

The simplest way of letting us know is via our Contact page.

It’s your holiday, tell us what you want!